Friday, November 29, 2013

How to deal with High Volume Call Customer Service

When your phone rings with a call to customer service, here are some ways to get back control: Type of inquiry: Specifies the types of calls received and why they are. Understand the general problem is the first step towards tackling it.Patterns:How accurately can you expect your call volume? This will determine how well you can create an employee schedule to handle. Examples of variables that need to guess: Time of day Day Monthly billing cycle Time Time Marketing campaigns Is there going to be a price change, a new billing system, or quarter-end sales? If one department of the company you are planning to make major changes that affect customers or plan to offer special promotions, you need to know about it as far in advance as possible. Should be part of the internal and external communications in every department process.Brainstorming:Once you understand what type of calls are getting, why do you get them and when to expect it, it's time to exchange ideas with other departments. Are there any changes that they can make their processes can reduce or completely eliminate some of the calls? They give accurate expectations of new customers? More useful information can be posted on your website? Can an instructional video is included as part of the client on-boarding process or orders delivered? 

Is misleading invoices? From the call list and ask, "What can we do ahead of time will eliminate the need for an investigation?" Channeling: The sooner you can determine what customers really need, the faster you can help them. The bonus is that you also reduce the average length of a call. Even if your employees are IT professionals, service technician or customer service representative, they should have a question funnel for each type of calls they receive. Initial requests will help them categorized (eg call you for sales or service). Then, each subsequent questions should help them narrow issue.Don t 'assume that all of your staff to do it efficiently. Create an efficient, consistent call handling process can have a big impact on the overall level of service. For example, if one of your customer service representatives take an average of 150 calls per day, and shave only minutes from each other, they get 2.5 hours of additional time per day! Ensure that emphasize improvement through better listening and questioning skills, not in a rush and strong-arming client. Your employees can be a great resource to improve performance if you schedule time for them to share their best practices with each other.

Cooperation:Two important tips to share reps to make It sounds more useful and inspire customers to be more cooperative are: Tell callers what you can do rather than what you can do Helps relieve upset clients by using the phrase "I want to help you." Set accurate expectations: If you do not set accurate expectations, you just set yourself up for the next call. If the problem is the delivery time or customer when you can expect some sort of follow-up, careful and honest when you tell the client what happens next. This is true even if the news is not good. It is better to confront reality and now just make it frustrating than having to deal with these people to be angry at future.Outsource Elite: outsource your call does not have to be the subject of all-or-nothing misunderstanding. Consider being selective: Time: if it can be cost-effective for its own staff (eg after hours) Type: to maximize profits (eg sales opportunities) Volume: To reduce the surge and the need for more staff at peak times. How do you deal with a high number of calls to customer service? What actions you can take now to reduce the number and length of your question?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Instant Relationship: The Key to Successful Sales

Have you ever met someone whom you just clicked? Someone who is so much like you that you really know what he was thinking? How would you feel comfortable with that person? Do you believe him? You probably have a very high relationship person.Rapport which means harmony between humans. When people share a great relationship, they speak the same language. When people do not have a good relationship, as if the person who spoke Greek and other people who speak Chinese. No general understanding.RAPPORT AND SELLINGSales studies showed that more than 90% of the selling process is based on having a good relationship with a prospect. You can have the best coverage for you and your clients may represent the most reputable company (s), however, if you do not have relationships, your prospects will find reasons to buy from agent.

We other common build relationships with people that are easy to us. It is very difficult to understand or comfort to those who are not like us. We regard them as strange. Others judge us based on how we see world.Before we can try to talk about how we can meet the needs of our prospective customers, we have to get him ready to listen to us . We do this by getting her to trust us - to develop rapport.BUILDING RAPPORTHow we build a relationship? Most independent insurance professionals we understand that the relationship is an important part of the sales process, so they are trying to build a relationship with their prospects before trying to "sell them." They is trying to develop a common bond through pleasantly quiet conversation. Unfortunately, only 7% of the words we use to communicate with others. However, 38% of the tone of voice and 55% of our physiology or body language communicated very effectively.One one of the most powerful ways we can build a relationship with physiology. 

There is a strategy called mirror that allows us to build a very fast connection. What you do is mimic the physiology of another person or body movements. If the person is leaning on the chair, you lean. If someone crosses her legs, you cross your legs. If the individual sits forward, you sit forward. Your goal is to get your prospect to feel comfortable with you being there so that he is not open to what you say.Mirroring very smooth. Wait a few seconds before your body to match your prospects. Mirror is a continuous process and fluid so that your prospects move around, you keep changing your body movements remain in the relationship. A word of caution - do not reproduce. If your prospects scratches his nose, do not follow or he understands what you are doing and very MAKE SALESThe insulted.PRACTICE mirror technique takes practice to learn effectively. Try it with your family and friends so that it becomes a natural ability for you to use. Once you have become proficient in using this technique, your prospects are not aware of what you are doing. He just would not feel very comfortable with you because you're so much like him.Remember, 90% of the selling process is a relationship. Use instant rapport techniques and watch your closing ratio soar!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Get More Clients Now!

Although David has been a graphic designer for a decade, he's just being a business owner for more than one year. He became a client discouraged. "I'm the only person in the business, and although I have been in business for a year, I still have to spend a lot of time marketing to get new clients. And hopefully I get usually only have a small project for me over the years. To top it off, I can not even do the kind of work I really enjoy all of them just want a basic logo, business cards, letterhead task. I really want to work on a full-scale marketing campaign where I'm designing print ads, direct mailers and media kits. How can I get more of the right clients? "When you find, David, to build a solid long-term clients who have needs that match your interests can be a time-consuming effort and sustained, but it is worth it in the long run. It's up to you to build a company that attracts clients to the needs of the higher-end. You can not blame small business for whom you may work for have a small budget and basic needs. 

As a sole proprietor, you can certainly understand the work in limited budget.So first thing you need to do is focus on how you want to position your company in the marketplace. What work would you do for a client? Want to avoid business card layout all together or would you take if for a client who works or is there a need for a greater future? Do you want to build a niche in which you specialize in producing a full-scale marketing campaign in a particular industry, such as restaurants or high-tech companies? You get the idea - start by determining what type of job you want. Graphic design major and world wide, so it is your job to narrow your focus that will make your company more attractive to potential clients in the field because you spend more time working on their projects as compared to the jack-of-all-trades designer.Next graphics, you need to make sure that everything you use to present your company in the market reflect your new position. 

This may mean changing the contents of your web site and brochures and re-word tagline on your business card. If you do not have a tag line that splatter all your collateral materials, create one. This position is a powerful tool. And, as a graphic designer, you know that you can affect the image of someone getting your company through the design of your company's materials. Do you want to show your company as a high-tech, easy to use and affordable, or hip and sophisticated? Create an image that is consistent across the board with everything that prospects will see whether your business experience. If you want to do a full-scale marketing campaign, start your own. Enlist the help of friends or friends of marketing designer if you tend to have problems with your designer to apply glitter to your own company as much as do.Once us know how you want to position your company in the market and you update all your ingredients, the only thing left to do is show yourself to people who want what you sell. 

This could be a very different group of people than ever you have spent the last year. Many of us cut our teeth on marketing to the local chamber of commerce, but they can be filled with small, one-person businesses that may not have a need for the services you want to do provide.The best to identify what types of companies that would be interested in what you provide. Whether they are a certain size, a certain geographic locations, specific industry? Once you have identified the parameters, it's time to determine how you will reach them. What associations they belong to? You can write articles for association newsletters? What they attend networking groups? You can join? Are they usually found their vendor of advertising, referrals, or direct mail? Who else is offering this service can potentially provide an introduction to the company in exchange for a fee or reciprocal finder (the so-called Center of Influence)? Developing contacts with potential marketing company brings you to a number of subcontractors to their clients' marketing campaigns. 

Although, they generally take a cut or mark up your service, maybe, want to enjoy focusing on building relationships so that in the future you can just focus on the graphic design aspect of your business, part.This client-building may seem like you are starting from scratch when withdraw from the group that you have a network over the past year and start again as a new member of the new group, but soon you'll be reaping the rewards of a thriving business working with people like you and do what you want to do. What could be better? Once you establish yourself with the new community, you can not continue to spend half your week trolling for new clients or looking to cap your income is relatively short order. Your next line of attack must fulfill several Influence Center. Read more about how to do it: