Thursday, March 20, 2014

Home Design Guide-combining colors

Must first decide for each color scheme to succeed in your primary colors, which you can use as a signature in your entire home. The signature color may appear as small or large elements in each room, acting as a catalyst to unite and hold together the whole look.

Once you have decided on your main color, consider what colors you want to combine. In each room the colors used can be roughly defined as the main, foreground color or accent.

Basic color refers to the 'base notes' in color, in other words to be used as a base color for mixing paint. Two color appears similar to, for example two green, mixed use can have completely different color base notes - one warm and the other with a base of cold base - and it will determine the final effect of When turning green painted walls.

As the difference between warm and cool base will have a radical impact on the environment of the room, it is important to get this aspect right color before proceeding to the next stage of the selection foreground color.

While the color of the background is a mild base color will set the tone of the room, the foreground color is the color that is most immediately apparent as soon as you walk into the room. In other words these are the basic colors that appear on furniture - curtains and other fabrics, carpets, pictures and furniture. If you want to induce a feeling of calm and comforting colors should be aligned with the base color. However, if you are after the drama they can differentiate.

Finally, there is a color accent. It is the color that is used to lift the overall look of the room, either a complement or contrast with the base color. They can be introduced to a variety of items, such as lamps, pillows, picture frames, and even stencil a wall or friezes. When using the accent color is essential to get the right balance of the best as an accent color in small quantities.

When deciding on a color scheme, you need to think about more than one room at a time, because as soon as the door is opened you can see from one room to another. So beware of the color clash.

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