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How to get someone else to pay your mortgage down

Real estate investing can be really beautiful! One of the easiest ways to buy a house and get someone else to make your mortgage payments is by investing in a house with a basement suite for rent. You can ask a realtor to search the market for you. Be prepared, some of the units as of the basement dives. Some changes can be good with paint and flooring, and some tenants have been very friendly. If you are a handyman / woman, it can be very satisfying to make the space can not be used or not good and turn it into something that the tenant would be happy to call home.

There are several things to consider when buying a home with a suite. This suite is usually classified as "in-law suite" or "summer kitchen". Quite often this means that they are not zoned for two families, and you must decide if you want to continue your purchase.

Not all homes with suites suitable for renting. The tenant will need a kitchen and a bathroom with a bathtub or shower. You need to have a separate entrance for your tenants, and should have ample parking space. It is much easier to rent out the suite which has lots of windows and natural light. Often the laundry room in the basement, and so unless you want to put in a separate component, you must have access to both of you without breaking into each room. Sometimes it is relatively simple to reconfigure the space to discuss some of these issues, by moving or adding a door. If you do not have the knowledge to decide what kind of arrangements are possible, bring someone with you who can advise you. Here are some things that renters look for when choosing a rental unit:

Safe, secure, separate entrance with lots of lighting

Ample parking nearby

, Clean living room is bright

No musty smell

No mold or mildew

Upstairs neighbors were quiet enough sound barrier

Easy access to the bottom


Open space

It is very important that you familiarize yourself with the owner Tenant Act in your province. Regulations are very different from one another, and some provinces act very supportive of the tenants, so if something does not work, you might regret your tenant does not screen properly.

How much can I charge?

The best way to know what rent the suite is to pretend you are looking for a place for yourself. Look online and in newspapers. If you want to check to see how other areas compared to you, go ahead and make an appointment to see some competition. You do not need to tell them why you are there. You should be able to get a pretty good idea of ​​how many mothers suite for bicycles.

Ad Suite

Many people advertise on free sites such as Kijiji, Craigslist or more local sites. Took some pictures of the best features of your suite, making sure they look light and bright, and you should get some prospective tenants are interested. Newspaper advertising can be expensive, but people still read the Classified ads when they are looking for something special.

Screening tenants

Many landlords ask prospective tenants to fill the application form. It is essential to check the references provided. Make sure that you call the employer to verify that the tenant used, and for how long. Contact the previous owner. That's a very good way to find out if the tenant is always paying rent on time, if they leave earlier suite in good condition, and if the behavior and practices are legal and do not interfere.

If you want, you can also do a credit check on your applicants. Here's the link: There is a fee for this service.

Nobody wants to be stuck on a tenant from hell. Important that you know your rights as an owner and understand the eviction process, however, it is wise to choose a tenant right from the start.

The signing of the lease agreement

Standard lease agreement is available for free from your landlord Tenant Office, and available on line. Follow the above link to the website of your county. Be sure to make two copies, one for tenants and one for yourself. Once you are ready to move tenants, you can use the website to find Move-In/Move-Out Inspection Report. It is very important to go through the rental suites with tenants to document conditions before they move so if there is any damage incurred during your occupancy will have a record of past conditions. You can also take pictures to document the condition of the date of your suite.

Much damage deposit?

In general, you can only fill one half of one month's rent, but some provinces such as Ontario, there are different rules. Often times you can charge an extra deposit if you allow pets.

Who pays for utilities?

There are several ways to handle this owner. Some parts landlords utility costs 50/50. Other landlords calculate the percentage of the number of people in every part of the house. Some landlords include the cost of utilities in the rent. (Keep in mind that tenants can take advantage of this situation. They can turn up the heat and open the windows in the winter to get some fresh air, for example, or taking a shower that lasts forever.) Make sure that you have the agreement in writing.

Other things to consider

If you're the type of person who should have absolute peace and quiet, you would want to be left alone, and consider your home a refuge from the crazy world out there, then maybe renting a basement suite that is not for to you. Many people find that having a tenant a little disturbing. You may be the type of person to have a little patience if you find that the presence of the tenant-occupied with your daily life. But for many others it is worth the bother. You need to decide before you spend money on remodeling if you are willing to tolerate the occasional added stress or irritation. Selecting the right tenant is the key to make this situation into a positive experience.

If you enjoy the feeling of financial freedom by letting someone else pay for your house, being a landlord is relatively easy and can be very enjoyable. Doing some research, maybe make some changes in your home, and spend a little time to find the right tenant, and you will be very pleased with the results.


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